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CloudMoDe is your door to a different space on the internet. It is built on a better way to store data, share it, move it around and keep it safe. It does this seamlessly between desktops and mobile, across different apps and platforms, from around the corner to around the world.

Now, you can securely share your content, any kind of content. Control who, when, where — and even what time it is used. This is way beyond access and directory control. This not the browser or the web. This is a new technology that is different from the ground up.



We build a suite of tools and services that help you to privatize your data. Our inventions and technologies help our customers to accomplish this without friction.



Our technology solves a fundamental problem that users of the internet have: control over their content. By users of the internet, we mean both enterprises and consumers.


New Tech

CloudMoDe is a platform for building things. It includes semantic data storage, end-to-end, cryptographic content delivery and a beautiful content management system.



A Hub for a Private Life

Cloudmode is a cloud operating stack that orchestrates lots of compute, storage, and networking resources from different data processors in multiple locations, so they work as one. It is delivered as a cloud service that offers virtually unlimited storage and processing power, nonpareil security, true ephemerality, all without giving up control over your data. Appliances (clients) and Trays(servers), powered by CloudMoDe, help you privatize your data.

Base Appliances

Appliances are CloudMoDe Powered Apps

Secure Your Identity


Store and Share


Build Amazing Things

CloudMoDe DS

Get Rid of your Password

Eliminate the single largest hole in your security : passwords. Passwords are inherently insecure because, if/when compromised, they open large windows of your digital identity, or your entire network.

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Store & Share securely

You share keys to a Vescel not the contents. Only your master key can open a Vescel. No one else can open it without you. This is secure storage and secure sharing, two very different things, on a whole new level.

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One App to Rule them All

CloudTray is your central hub for all your appliances and apps. Enterprises can develop, build and deploy their own Appliances, quickly and easily. Run CloudMoDe on your servers or ours.

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Flat Pricing

all services are included



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Start with ProfileTray: a single sign-in for all appliances powered by CloudMoDe Semantic Platform.

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Add secure storage and secure sharing with Vescel™. Enterprise Users need a Pro account.

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Developers/Admins open a Developer Account to add users. Users are managed by an Appliance.

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CloudMoDe is not just one thing. It is a statement about a state of things. When you shift into cloud "mode", you are not just uploading content to a computer in a nondescript data-center. You are making something with your data: an organization of intelligent semantic media, or organism.

Intelligent semantic media is not a file in a folder, like in a hierarchical file system. This is completely different from the filesystem up. This is why you are able to do things with data in CloudMoDe that seem impossible to conceive of as you know it today.

CloudMoDe is stable and we have been testing it in the real world for the past five years. Semantic computing is going to give you a level of elasticity, security, accountability, and the conservation of efficiencies that you cannot get any other way.

To put it simply, shifting into cloud "mode" means getting control over your content, communications and what others can do with your stuff.

Our mission is to make semantic computing easy enough for anyone to use. We call it a Beautiful Cloud. We believe you are going to enjoy discovering a new kind of internet.
We look forward to serving you.

Doc, Peter, Mike and Kat - CloudMoDe Founders

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