Welcome to Vescel™

Available Late Spring 2015

Introducing Vescel.io an easy way to store your stuff , move it around and keep it safe.  Vescel is not just a high security file service, it is a platform. You can do things with Vescel you can't do with anything else.


30 Second Installation

Installing Vescel is drop dead simple. Just download the latest version, extract "VescelApp" for MacOsx, and open it. The mobile client VescelApp will be available soon on iPhone and Android.

Cryptographic Container

Vescel is a cyrptographic container not a file system. You put your stuff in a Vescel by selecting fill. You can put anything you want into a Vescel: audio, video, pdf, png, jpeg, documents, code, even bitcoins. Once you seal a Vescel there is only one way to get into it and that is with your master key. No one else has a key.


You share the Vescel not the contents. Sharing is  simple: First decide if you want the recipient to take the contents out of the Vescel or if you want them to only view the contents. To open a Vescel you need a key. To share a Vescel, where you want to keep control of the contents, then you put it on a Tray. Each Key you share is per use and per user. There is only one master key for a Vescel: yours.


Vescel runs on MoDe Os, a semantic file storage system with unprecedented controls. When you put your Vescel on a Tray™,  you have complete control of who, where, when, and for how long someone can use the contents. MoDe Os Trays, in addition to end-to-end encryption, have full spectrum ephemerality. This means data is streamed not copied and when the user is finished using it, the data is erased from their device.

Development Platform

All your Vescels are fully accessible via a secure api. Vescel is a platform not just an app. You can effortlessy add end2end encryption, blockchain authentication & full spectrum ephemerality to your data layer, app or service.. Download the MoDe IDE from github and see how easy it is.

but wait! there is more

Coming Soon Vescel ST, a way to implement Self-Enacting ProgramMable StRuctured Transactions or Smart Contracts. We have had Smart Contracts working for the past three years and we are in the process of porting it to Vescel.

Built with Love

Still not convinced?  Download it and see for yourself just how easy it is to securely store your content, move it around and keep it safe. Welcome to a whole new era in computing.

Great Support

If you've run into a snag, found a bug or just have general comments or questions, feel free to send an email below.