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Get Rid of Passwords

Eliminate the single largest hole in your security : passwords.

Control without friction

An enterprise grade consumer styled app that your users will love.

Block Chain Technology

Runs on CloudMoDe 2.0, which uses cryptographic block chain authentication

iPhone and iPad versions

Coming Soon to the App Store

Eliminate Passwords

Passwords are inherently insecure because, if/when compromised, they open large windows into your digital identity, or your entire network.

No http or Javascript

The Web is a network of documents stored on a network of computers called the internet. The Web is fundamentally insecure. It has to be in order to work, properly.

New Block Chain Tech

Built with CloudMoDe 2.0,  a new patent-pending technology that uses block chains (like bitcoin) to validate identity.

Easy to Retrofit

You can add the ProfileTray™ Authentication framework to your enterprise simply by adding eight lines of code to your app.

Why ProfileTray?

Eliminate the single largest hole in your security : passwords.
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Easy to use

A a few lines of code and you're done.

1. Drama Free Install

Developers integrate our block chain framework to your enterprise or app simply by adding eight lines of code to your application.

2. User Provisioning

Users download the ProfileTray app to their desktop and/or phone. Admins then add users to their Appliance Admin Panel.

Security that means Business

Simply push the [profile]tray button on the app or site and it will prompt you on the phone to ask to log in. No password required. That's it.

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Coming Soon

CloudTray Desktop Hub

ProfileTray is part of the CloudTray Desktop Hub. CloudTray runs on your laptop or desktop. You can monitor and manage all your identity needs from one place.

Download Page

Or download via Windows, Umbuntu or Mac App Stores.

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Web App

How We Did It

Powered by CloudMoDe

CloudMoDe embodies a technology that solves a fundamental problem that users of the internet have: the problem of control. By users we mean both enterprises and consumers. We did this by solving two major computing science problems: that of intelligible data and uniqueness quantification.

Making data intelligible means moving from hierarchical file system to a semantic storage system. By doing this you can better organize, control and use data in new and exciting ways. Uniqueness quantificationis accomplishes by using a cryptographic chain of blocks (block chain) to validate transactions. Authentication of users, for example, is treated as a transaction.

This new patent-pending method gives users an entirely new level of control. The result is something we call syntactical cloud computing. It is a technology that lets you build entirely new models of computing.

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