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The block chain revolution

about CloudTray

Most stories are just a novel spin on the same old thing. It is rare that something truly revolutionary comes along. We will introduce you to an idea so evolutionary that it changes everything.

A Technology

Built with a new patent worthy method that changes how data is stored. This is different from the ground up.

A Security Model

True ephemerality cannot be achieved in computing unless you change how data is stored. It just so happens that this is exactly what we have done.

A Platform

An entirely new way for developers to create apps that do things that were not even possible before.

A Business Model

Everyone Knows the royality-based system doesn't work. This is a new model that works for all the stakeholders.

A Way to Make Moeny

Content creators can monetize their content directly to fans, from around the corner to around the world, all from simgle point of control.

Easy to Use

Our platform is elegantly simple. Powerful enough for hardcore coders and simple enough for anyone to learn. It redefines ease-of-use.

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