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The COMMUNICATION revolution

SocialMoDe is the communication model of our system CloudMoDe. It is a new communication model that is literally different from the ground up. Here is a little teaser about it.

Quantumism, a philosophy, teaches us two things about communication:
1. every communication has a target.
2. communication always occurs in a context.
Its important to keep these two tenants of Quantumism in mind as we move forward into our
communication model.

Communication models were originally developed by Claude Elwood Shannon, his (1948) model of the communication process is, in important ways, the beginning of the modern field. It provided, for the first time, a general model of the communication process that could be treated as the common ground. Shannon’s model remains one of the first things most students learn about communication when they take an introductory communication class.
Shannon’s model has broken down into it’s simplest form consists of a Transmitter, a Channel , and a Receiver.

Shannon's Communication Model

Communication models are are based on a schema or model.

a representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.
A schema is a way to define the structure of something at its most basic level. SocialMoDe is a simplified schema in that it is only concerned with computing and not with communication in general.

A modern computer communication schema works at a high level, as follows:

  • the sender composes a communication,
  • stores it,
  • the communication system sends a notification to the recipient,
  • the recipient system retrieves the communication from storage.

What we realize here is that the medium of storage is paramount. CloudMoDe employs a semantic storage system, this means we have a way to model the relationships between things and have a method which stores those relationships, these relationships are also stored separately from the thing itself. This is fundamentally an evolution in how data is stored and therefore iit had a profound impact on our communication model.

SocialMoDe, built with CloudMoDe, meant a change in the medium of storage used in the communication models. Since we changed our medium of storage this affected our communication schema. What we noticed was that we gained some incredible benefits. The first thing we gained was Granularity is the level of depth within the data structure and secondly Elasticity is defined as the degree to which a system is able to autonomically adapt to changes.

1.  defined as the degree to which a system is able to autonomically adapt to changes

1. the level of depth within the data structure

We noticed that with a new model of storage our communication model resulted in a Conservation of Efficiencies. Conservation here means to hold constant during an interaction or process and Efficiencies mean the ratio of work/ effort to the energy/resources supplies to it. Put simply you can get what you want more efficiencies and learn from your interactions enough thus getting the same result while using less resources.

CloudMoDe’s semantic storage system makes it possible to achieve conservations of efficiencies in the communication model that are simply not practical with storage systems that use hierarchal systems. This makes the way we manage our communication more fluid. You will have to stay tuned for more.